I don't know about you, but sometimes, in life certainly, I think it's good to reminisce, to take stock, and albeit for slightly different reasons so too can it be equally fascinating to dip into the past with sporting events, in the case darts generally and the Isle of Man International Darts Festival specifically.

Have had the list below passed onto me by the government who have diligently noted down all previous winners stretching three decades and if nothing else the list makes for a remarkable examination.

Alan Warriner now probably better known for his co-commentating on ITV has won the title twice so too has Dennis Priestly but leading the way on three victories, and all within five years, which considering how many enter the IOM Open and the quality of some of those players is an amazing feat is Ronnie Baxter!

There is also a plethora of previous World champions on the winners scroll of honour and across both codes, including Phil Taylor some twenty five years ago and the now resurgent Andy Fordham.

Go through the list yourself and see how many you can spot, it is a truly remarkable trip down memory lane.

In the ladies its equally fascinating.

Sharon Colclough won it three times, Julie Gore has won the title four times, and according to the records four wins on the bounce, can that be right?
If it is then WOW, just wow!
Deta Hedman who is still playing as well as ever and still seemingly winning half the bloody events she enters appears to be the true Festival Queen though with no less than five times, and I hope she doesn't take umbrage over this, but the first of those wins came in the same year as Phil Taylor 1990!!

I've been through three wives and after working it out eleven different houses since the indefatigable Deta Hedman first triumphed in the IOM.
Oh my God, is that even possible? 

The memories don't just stop there either. The list also contains the winners of the Festivals doubles events, Mixed, Mens & Ladies, and boy does that bring a load more names and memories flooding back.

In fact shortly we will be doing a piece on the Festival FB page, which please, without hinting (much) we really want everyone to press that like button, we will be doing a trip down memory lane asking for everyone to send in their comments and or photo's of years gone past, so please watch out for that.

In the meanwhile, read away and remember them all for yourselves!

Howard Miller