Villa Marina

Originally opened in 1931, the prestigious Villa Marina complex has undergone a complete transformation to bring it into the 21st Century.


The modern complex now consists of a colonnade area, veranda, arcade and magnificent Royal Hall which seats 1500 and plays host to a year round programme of entertainment.

The spectacular auditorium which blends Edwardian grandeur, comfort and state of the art sound and lighting, welcomes top class musicians, comedians, bands, entertainers, DJs and personalities to the Isle of Man each year.

The spacious dance floor also attracts dance competitions, sporting events, club nights and a number of gala style events.

IIn the Villa Marina Arcade you’ll find the Isle of Man’s impressive Wurlitzer organ which is the focal point of the venue.

A number of daytime and evening concerts, including live acoustic performances by local musicians, are held in the arcade – many of them free of charge.

Broadway Cinema, which is located within the Villa Marina complex, also screens nightly showings of the latest blockbusters.

As well as the entertainment facilities the Villa Marina also hosts a number of conferences, meetings, exhibitions and functions throughout the year.